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Online Disability Self-Disclosure

We're glad you decided to connect with us!

You can use this form to self-identify as a student with a disability, or to connect with our office to learn more about how we can support you. Determination of any accommodations or services is done through an interactive process with you.

If you are seeking accommodations or services, or want to explore if you have a disability:

Step 1: Complete this Disability Self-Disclosure Form. You can do this even if you are not sure about your disability or if you have questions.

Step 2: You can submit any supporting documentation you have when you complete this form, or can send it to us later.

Step 3: We will review the information you submitted and follow up with you regarding the next steps.

Information provided is kept confidential.

Please contact us if you need this form in a alternate format or are having trouble accessing this form.

Questions? Contact us or learn more on our website.

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Personal Information
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