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Online Notetaker Application

Eligibility Requirements

1) You MUST complete a Note Taker training online and present a certificate of completion within 30 days of receiving the confirmation email that you have been assigned as a note taker. Instructions on how to complete the training are included in the email confirming you are assigned to take notes.

2) Regular class attendance and notes must be legible and accurate.

3) Once you are assigned to take notes you must upload notes in a timely manner to myDRC Online Services. Preferably after each class meeting time. The minimum amount of uploads to receive payment is once per week.
Step 1: Specify Login Information
  1. Hint: Enter 9 alpha numeric characters.
  2. Important Note: Please make sure this username matches with your Single Sign-On (SSO) username in your school.
  3. Please enter email address that matches the following example: or
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